With its varied mission in energy, river management, environmental protection and economic development, TVA needs exceptional professionals in many fields, including engineering, operations, environmental sciences, information technology, law and finance.

Real positions listed at Jobs have included information security specialist, labor relations and compensation specialist, maintenance coordinator, mechanical engineer, hydrology and groundwater program manager, and training process specialist.


To find the professionals we need, we encourage men and women in the United States armed services to apply for positions at TVA.

We work as partners with Helmets to Hardhats to provide career opportunities for members of the military. Before you apply for TVA positions, you must create an account on the Helmets to Hardhats website.

We are also partners with the Army's Partnership for Youth Success program, which works to connect veterans with civilian jobs when they leave service, as well as America's Veterans to Tennessee Engineers, which offers an opportunity for military service members to complete an engineering degree in Tennessee and have a job waiting for them at TVA. 

Operations and Maintenance Training Programs

To run its vast power system, TVA conducts its own training classes to prepare new employees for operation and maintenance jobs.

TVA periodically offers the following entry-level training programs:

Fossil, hydro, and nuclear training

  • Student Generating Plant Operator
  • Instrument Mechanic
  • Electrical Technician
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Hydro Technician
  • Combustion Turbine Technician and Combined Cycle Operations Technician

Transmission/power supply training

  • Groundman
  • Lineman Apprentice
  • Electrician Apprentice

Program Availability

To be considered and apply for these positions, a job posting for that position will be listed with our other job openings.  Visit Jobs for a list of current openings to TVA's training classes. If there are none listed, there are no opportunities at this time.

Candidates for these jobs may be asked to take a prequalifying test that predicts performance in training and on the job. Candidates must meet the eligibility factors for the position and pass the prequalifying test to be considered for an interview.